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Toros Dental is one of the most prominent dental industry professional manufacturers from Turkiye since 1984. Toros Dental factory and headquarters are located in the beautiful Mediterranean Shore Antalya city. Toros Dental founded by President Mr. Ahmet Demir, after taken over the company administration by second generation, the company has been strengthen to continue its corporate structure by moving forward with high end advanced dentistry.

By exporting its premium class quality dental products for global dental industry professionals over 68 countries around the world; Toros Dental delivers the unique products in time & in comply with client requirements for its loyal business partners. By means of its customer awareness, product loyalty and product recognition, these countries are increasing day by day. Our most important value is qualified human resources in Toros Dental while we proceed with our innovative production who supports global business interactions and changing requirements.


Our Mission

To produce and present the most premium quality health products with the most competitive conditions for dental health professionals inland Turkey as well as the global health markets.

Our Vision

By means of our Dental Industry Specialists who manages R&D implements, aiming to research and present them to global health markets while we create the innovative technology which enables to new dental concepts and dental products with high quality standards.

Environmental Policy of TOROS DENTAL MFG.

Toros Dental Mfg. strives to produce premium quality products that meet dental professionals requirement in comply with clean manufacturing process for clean environment. Guided by its environmental policy Toros Dental Mfg has taken steps to reduce its carbon emissions across the company as well as waste management while closely monitoring electricity and water consumption.

Acting as responsible; we comply with all current and future environmental legislation, regulations and strive to meet and exceed other requirements as appropriate to the company’s activities for sustainability.

Sustainable Social Responsibility Policies of TOROS DENTAL MFG.

We committed to corporate Social Responsibility by contributing various levels;
1. Compliance with International Commitments relating to Social Responsibility,
2. Compliance with current national and international laws and regulations in all countries,
3. Maintaining corporate governance practices based on ethics, business transparency and diversity: respecting the rules of the free market and free competition, and rejecting any illegal or fraudulent practice contrary to the rules of good governance,
4. Effectively communication and constant dialog with all parties, based on transparency, truth and commitment, as fundamental pillars for building stable relationships that generate trust,
5. Commitment to Human Rights,
Avoid practices that are discriminatory or damage people's dignity:
*Striving for a decent, safe and healthy working environment, adopting rules and procedures in the area of occupational health and prevention of occupational risks, avoiding any kind of discriminatory attitude, intimidation or violence, in any of their manifestations due to sex, race, creed, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual disposition, nationality, citizenship, marital status or socioeconomic status.
*Rejecting child labor and forced or compulsory labor.
*To respect our employees' freedom of union, association and group negotiation and respect the role and responsibilities that apply to the representation of workers in accordance with current legislation.
*To pay employees in a decent manner, adjusted to their skills, responsibilities and duties.
*Guarantees people's right to personal data privacy.
6. Promotion of social responsibility, with active participation in national and international reference forums and organizations that promote behavior and commitment aligned with the content of this Policy.


Quality Policy

In line with our working principles and our purpose, we commit to comply with the Quality Management System conditions within the scope of TS-EN-ISO 13485:2016 standard and continuously improve.
We support the quality aims, which are enabling to having awareness of the importance of quality and maintaining quality system efficiency.
Managing and reviewing main quality aims.
Providing sustainable trainings for our employees that are counted in quality system.
Providing, changing and improving expectations and needs of our clients in order to manage our quality system.


Principles of Our Human Resources Policy;

• To involve our employees in all our processes from production to after-sales support with a transparent, equal and participatory management approach,
• While carrying out our activities, based on an approach focused on maximum customer satisfaction in total quality, ensuring that our employees produce sustainable and realistic values,
• Developing and exhibiting behavioral patterns in line with the workflow with an approach that is sensitive to the quality policies, standards and OHS Policy,
• To design, implement and evaluate all training programs at all levels of production and management by focusing on continuous learning and development in working life,
• To follow the innovations and needs in our industry and to adapt them to our company structure, to manage the innovation process in a sustainable way with Human Resources practices,
• Focusing primarily on our internal values, our employees, for open positions,
• Carrying out the personnel recruitment process according to the requirements of the job and personal abilities,
• To make human resources planning according to the developments in the units and our workflow process in a way that will adapt quickly to our innovative organizational structure, • To develop the problem-solving skills of our employees with solution-oriented working principles and practices,
• To increase the competence of our employees in relation to institutions and health industry professionals by integrating their technical knowledge and skills in accordance with company values,
• Collaborating with Universities, Vocational Schools, Institutions and Healthcare Professionals,
• To further strengthen our employee profile with environmental awareness and green production awareness.



We research the best innovative technology of high quality for you and present them under favourable conditions.
Effective application of management system in accordance with International Industry Standards (ISO) is ensured.
Our company exports our manufactured products to many areas, such as Western Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Americas and Africa.
Our company is one of the most prominent artificial teeth manufacturer and exporter since 1984.

NT Tooth Line;

Acrylic Teeth: Nt Unay, Nt Optima, Nt Proxima
NFC Dental Composite Teeth Nt Alya
NT Radiopaque Teeth for Implant professionals

Dental Laboratory Supplies;

Denture Base Acrylic Powder & Liquids
Self / Heat Cure Acrylics
Cold Mold Seal
Dental Waxes
Dental Disposable Bibs

Surgical Consumables;

Onn Surgical Mask
Onn Surgical Covers Kit
Onn Surgical Gown


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